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From: Barry GeneDoctor Whitney <barryw -at-> Subject: Whitney Success Story Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 22:30:11 -0400 (EDT) Dear Whitney Cousins, I wanted to share with you the delight I have experienced this week from finding a REALLY helpful linkup via the WWW. The site that gave the breakthrough is <a href=""></a> and its "Find People" link. I have been looking for current day descendants of Mason Whitney of Philadelphia, NY, with little success up to now. I decided to use Infoseek's "Find People" button to see how many US folks really had names matching some long lost individuals whose names are given on family lists put together around the 1950's. As you know, there are LOTS of folks, including lots of Whitneys, in this big wide world. Most of the names produced so many matches that it gave little idea where to start. However, a single one matched on both of the first two initials, with an address in Minnesota (where I certainly knew of no relatives). So I mailed a letter to this person with a sheepish..."Would you happen to be...." introduction. Well, lo and behold, I got a reply by E-mail from a cousin who is full of information and is eager to get it all put together with what we know. His grandfather and mine were brothers. His grandfather and one brother had gone to Boston in the 1910's while my grandfather and one brother had stayed nearer the family home in Augusta, GA. We are both looking forward to filling in lots of each other's missing information and to getting together some time in the not too distant future. So I encourage you all to let us all know about useful internet tools such as this Find People link so that we can be more and more successful in knowing how it all fits together. This Whitney list has been really wonderful and I thank you who make it possible and all of you who are so eager to help each other make progress. Ever, Barry J. Barry Whitney III North Augusta, SC barryw -at-

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