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From: Monica Thomas <mthomas -at-> Subject: C.B. Whitney 2 Feb 1834 Date: Wed, 11 Jun 1997 19:52:45 -0700 Hello, I am trying to piece together a puzzle I have. My great great aunt left ouR family a very old family bible. In this bible are lists of my ancestors births, marriages, and deaths. The problem is I don't know how it all connects. In particular I have Charles Bush Whitney b. 2 Feb 1834 (according to Whitney database he is the son of John WHITNEY Sr. and Ann Merritt). I am hoping to connect with anyone who has any information on this line of WHITNEY. The Bible has other WHITNEYs listed as well and I found Charles living in Barren County, KY in 1870. Other Surnames include: HOBBS BLAIR COOKSEY BROWN STONE TALLEY TUBBET (SUBBETT?) Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Monica

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