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From: <JShanetax -at-> Subject: Corrections, additions Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997 22:26:56 -0400 (EDT) I am sending information from the gravestones at the Whitney graveyard at Tracy, KY in Barren County. This graveyard is near Scottsville, KY, in Allen County. The current owners of the farm had plowed up the graveyard and planted crops. The tombstones are stacked under a big tree. I wrote down all the information from the tombstones as follows: Loammi Whitney, April 19, 1790--July 24, 1866 Jane Whitney, wife of Loammi Whitney Sr & children on the side of her, April 19, 1799--July 2, 1852 William B. Whitney, son of L.& J Whitney, Aug. 22, 1827--Aug 16, 1852 Delilah A., wife of R. M. Lee & Daughter of L & J Whitney, Oct 11, 1823--Sept 20, 1853 Martha Jane, wife of J. W. Howard, Daughter of L & J Whitney, Oct 8, 1825--Sept 6, 1854 Samuel B. Whitney, son of L & J Whitney, Sept 5, 1820--Feb 11, 1842 Catherine E. Whitney, Daughter of L & J Whitney, Dec 26, 1829--Sep 27, 1845 C. B. Whitney Oct 26, 1839--Oct 20, 1874 J. W. Whitney June 11, 1818--Aug 5, 1895 I also have a copy of an old letter from Anna P. Whitney who lived in Scottsville, KY until her death. She was married to Herman Whitney. She states that the Whitneys came to KY in 1794 when Loammi was 4 years old and the family settled near Barren River, now Barren River Lake. The family lived in VA first, then moved to NC, then to SC before arriving in KY in 1794. That part of the land was originally in Barren County, KY but now is Allen County. The letter states that Loammi's father John is burried on what is now Barren River Lake. I personally have not seen this grave like I did the ones identified above. Anna Whitney's father-in-law John, Jr. (Herman's father and brother to Loammi) was born in NC in the process of these numerous moves. I hope this information is helpful in updating the Whitney database which frequently uses "about" such and such date. As you know from my previous communication, I grew up in Barren County, KY. Jewell Lewis Shane, Cincinnati, O

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