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From: <ALLAGREEN -at-> Subject: Odds and Ends, Aug. 7th Date: Thu, 7 Aug 1997 23:50:19 -0400 (EDT) Dear WRG: Sorry I've been slow in getting things out. Goodwife Green had gall-bladder surgery on Tuesday morning, and our 8 - year-old granddaughter is here for a visit, so I've been doing some other things for a few days. Everything came out OK (yes, that was deliberate), and Ginny is recovering quickly - would probably try to go back to work tomorrow if she didn't have a check-up appointment with the surgeon at 1:00 PM. Thanks to Bert Smith for publishing again the source of the data on John and Elinor's arrival in Watertown in 1635. I still have to admire her tremendously, making that ocean trip while 6/7 months pregnant! For those of you interested in maps, there is a really interesting web site that has copies of maps taken from an 1895 Atlas that can be downloaded. I did the MA one a few nights ago, and when it started it said it would take 38 minutes at 28,800. However, the speed of transfer got faster and faster, and the time to go got shorter and shorter, and it ended up being somewhere around 7/8 minutes. Unfortunately, MA is one of the states that is still to be indexed. Many other states are already indexed, and I think maps are available for all the NE states. Don't be put off by the fact that the first thing you come to is the Livingston County, MI Genweb page. The lady that runs that page is the one who is providing the maps and doing the indexing project. Keep working through the site, and you will find what I'm talking about. Unfortunately, the size of the maps would be a problem for printing them out (they are in color). MA came out about 3-1/2 screens wide and 2-1/2 screens deep using Netscape Navigator 3.0. At any rate, here is the URL <a href=""></a> I have it on very good authority that there is a Franklin, MA, - it's in Norfolk County. I'll check further on the question of their vital records and let you all know. In the meantime, Happy Hunting:-) Allan "Diplomacy is saying 'nice doggy' until you find a rock."

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