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From: The Lindsays <malincal -at-> Subject: Re: Connecticut Whitneys Date: Sat, 16 Aug 1997 19:11:03 -0700 Hi Jeanne, Looks like we started another "conversation" on Henry 1620. Barbara Black in Sacramento missed your message so I forwarded it to her. As I remember, she has Henry in her line. Well, as Allan says, we cannot prove Henry's English ancestry. Wonder where he was born??? I will look at Robert Ward's page again and see what it looks like. I only remember sending in MY line, do not know about "starting" database, will check it out. Didn't Allan send it to him? If Allan sent it, it must be correct. I have a lot of the other info that Joan sent me, I hope she is sending you all that. (Bless her heart and continued good health to her) I am hoping you will put some of the "biographies" of the main descendants on your page, I am not so computer minded, (like every one knows) so I do not think I could do that much with my page. My kid and brother had to help with my homepage! I just write it and they edit it. I am going to take some stuff off of it and make it simpler, since a lot of you Whitneys and my other cousins now have my line on their pages. I just link to them. I feel like EVERYONE is my cousin now. My husband and son are going to Scotland and England next week but I really doubt they will do any research for me, they are not that interested in my "obsession". Thanks again and if I can help, let me know. I will do my best. After all, Henry is my 8th gr grandfather! MAL (<a href=""></a>

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