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From: Jeanne Muse <JWMUSE -at-> Subject: Updates for Connecticut Whitneys Date: Tue, 19 Aug 1997 21:08:01 -0400 Hello all! Additions to our Connecticut Whitney database thus far are: Members of our group who are connected: Deborah (Hill) Knigga <lknigga -at-> Henry-1 WHITNEY of LI and CT, m. ? John-2 WHITNEY m. Elizabeth Smith Henry-3 WHITNEY m. Elizabeth Olmstead Daniel-4 WHITNEY m. Thankful Burt Daniel-5 WHITNEY m. Martha Burt Moses-6 WHITNEY m. Phoebe Schoonover Mary-7 WHITNEY m. William Hudson Phoebe Louisa-8 HUDSON m. Henry Teeters Mary Margaret-9 TEETERS m. John Peter Molter, Jr. John Elmer-10 MOLTER m. Wilhemina Minnie Eli Minnenan Janet-11 MOLTER m. Harris Hill Deborah Eileen-12 HILL m. Larry William Knigga ------------------------------------------------------ New Line of Descent: Elizabeth-3 Whitney (John-2, Henry-1) m. Joseph Keeler Very large line added here from Bob Cameron who sent me his Gedcom file. His Gedcom file contained valuable source information from Henry-1 on down. All of his sources are now a part of our database. ---------------------- Eleanor-3 Whitney (John-2, Henry-1) m. Jonathan Fairchild Fairchild family added. ---------------------- MORE POSSIBLE SOURCES: "History of Ridgefield, Ct", G. L. Rockwell 1927, p510 "The St. John Genealogy" Orline St.John Alexander, Grafton Press, New York, 1908, p21 My working gedcom called CTWHIT2.ZIP is available on my website (see below). It will be updated as more members send me their lines. I will keep you posted! :-) Jeanne (Whitney) Muse Sent on: 8/19/97 ----------------------------------------------- Always looking for information on the surnames: WHITNEY, GOLDSMITH, MUSE, REED See my Roots Home Page at this URL: <a href=""></a> -----------------------------------------------

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