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From: Stan or Mary Ann Lindsay <malincal -at-> Subject: [Fwd: Update - Henry of Connecticut] Date: Sun, 24 Aug 1997 22:09:28 -0700 Jeanne Muse wrote: > > Hello everyone: > > Another one of our members is a direct descendant of Henry of Connecticut. > This line is already part of the original database. Robert Ward - you may > add this to our "Whitney Lineages" page: > > Dave Barrett <davidbar -at-> > > Henry-1 WHITNEY of L.I. and CT m. ? > John-2 WHITNEY m. Elizabeth SMITH > Joseph-3 WHITNEY m. Hannah HOYT > David-4 WHITNEY m. Elizabeth HYATT > Ebenezer-5 WHITNEY m. Ruth RAYMOND > Aaron-6 WHITNEY m. Sarah BENNET > Bennet-7 WHITNEY m. Susan CURTIS > Henry-8 WHITNEY m. Bertha STODDARD > Edith-9 WHITNEY m. Jay WHITSON > Bertha-10 WHITSON m. Hugh Elliott BARRETT > Hugh David-11 BARRETT m. Mary Connemara MORAN > > Anyone else connected to Henry Whitney of Long Island and Connecticut get > in touch! > > ;-) Jeanne (Whitney) Muse > Sent on 8/24/97 Atta boy, cousin Dave, good to hear from you. And thanks for the new address. Did you ever receive the special pages of Phoenix that pertain to your line from Joan Hicks? If you can get the book, there are write ups on all your line. I am sending this to the list to thank all those who are working with this special "outlaw" line of ours, I know it is time-comsuming and we appreciate it. Cousin, MAL

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