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From: Ronald Whitney <ronwhitney -at-> Subject: Whitney, Nebraska Date: Mon, 25 Aug 1997 09:29:04 -0500 Greeting WRG, Robert, This was one of the first things I posted when I joined the group. I'll try to do a better job this time. We noticed Whitney, NE on the map when we were traveling one year, so we drove through to check it out. It is a very small town in NW Nebraska. We noted a post office, church, and a few houses. It was Sunday, so didn't notice if the town had any stores, but the population at the church far exceeded the possible population of the town, so they must draw from the surrounding ranches. We also drove a couple of miles to Lake Whitney nearby. Nice little lake with a well-maintained park and launch area. When we returned home I sent an SASE to the Postmaster asking about the origin of the name. Got a nice letter from Mabel L. Kendrick, Box 56, Whitney, NE 69367. She said, "The original town, 1883 or 1885<looked like she wrote a 5 over the last digit> was named Dawes City. It was on the south bank of White River. This town was abandoned and a new one started on the north bank (higher ground) 1887. This was named Earth Lodge. However, this name was changed to Whitney - Peter Whitney was an officer in the Pioneer Town Site Company. The town moved <I'm not sure if this means the move cited above, or another move to the present location> when the railroad came. Fremont Elkhorn Missouri Valley." So now, does anyone know the origin of the town and lake named Whitney in Texas? Appear to be in Hill County between Dallas and Waco. Jeanne, thanks for the reply on George Whitney. Sorry I spelt your name wrong, must have had a brain cramp. Ron and Roxie Whitney <ronwhitney -at-> Home page:<<a href=""></a>; "Remember to live every day of your life."

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