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From: <AwhitneyB -at-> Subject: More CT Whitneys1687-1808 Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997 01:10:52 -0400 (EDT) Today, in my local library, (Stamford, CT) I found "The History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield". P. 1040 starts a line of Whitneys with : Richard, s. of John, (Vol I, p. 688) [which I forgot to copy!] b. Apr. 18, 1687, m. (rec. Norwalk) 17 Apr. Hannah Darling, dau. of John, b. abt. 1689, d. at Greenfield, 20 Oct. 1774, ae. 85. He built a mill at Sasco River, but by 1714 settled in Stratford. Children, two recorded at Norwalk, one Stratford, one Stratfield; Elijah, b. 16 Apr. 1710, d. at Norwalk bef. 1741, m. 6 July 1734, Rebecca Seymour,dau. John Samuel, b. 5 Oct. 1711 (or 1712 by Greenfield rec.) Richard, b. 1 Sep., 1715, bp. at Stratfield, 22 Apr. 1716, m. at Stratfield, 4 Dec 1750, Experience Beardsley,d. of John, b. Feb. 1724/5, d. 11 July 1780 John, b. 17 Jan. 1719/20, d. at Branford, 29 Mar. 1805, ae. 85; ship-carpenter; m. at Branford, 19 Jan. 1750/1, Deborah Smith. Daniel, b. 24 Apr. 1723,d. at Stamford; cooper; m. at Greenwich, 7 Nov. 1745, Hannah Clawson. It then goes on to give Samuel's line down to his grandchildren, and a couple of ggrandchildren. I'll check, but I think Richard is the son of John and Elizabeth Harris, of MASS, one of the spawn of J&E, no doubt. I didn't find these in the database, so I'm going to fax this to Jon A. for inclusion in Whitney13, with a herd of other Whitney's I have found here in CT, but if anyone is interested in this line, I could post it earlier. Yours, A. Whitney Brown

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