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From: Janis Whitaker<janwhit -at- > Subject: Maine Census Indexes Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 15:49:39 -0400 (EDT) Dear WRG's, I have the Maine Census Indexes of Whitneys, for the years 1830, 1840,and 1850. I also have New Hampshire's for 1830 as the two states are mixed together. Because of the very small print, I find the task of typing them daunting. Is there anyone of you who would scan them for the group, if I snail mailed them to you? I may have to preface them with a county guide, especially for the 1830's. Next, I have a list of Whitney Marriages printed in the "Maine Farmer" in the mid 1800's. The problem with this list is that it gives only the date that the marriage was published in their paper and not the marriage date. I do know that at least two entries were published 2-3 weeks after the event, so that provides a chance for a close estimate. Names and place of marriage is included. Shall I send them out to you? Finally, I've just returned from a research trip to New Brunswick(my greatest thrill yet, finding my gggrandfather Grannell's grave in a small graveyard- you know one of those that you never expected to find, because it probably was in someone's back pasture,unmarked!?), and at some point in my travels, I came across this: " Whitneyville, NB, Whitneyville Baptist Church, Northumberland County, record book, 1819-1917, Manuscript Collections at the Provincial Archives." That town isn't on the map, now, but perhaps it has a new name. Northumberland Co. is in the vacinity of former Chatham, which is now called Miramichi City(say that three times fast!). Cheers! Jan

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