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From: "Alice Harris" <akh -at-> Subject: witney12 paf success Date: Mon, 1 Sep 1997 15:01:22 +0000 For those of you who have PAF try adding the witney12.ged to PAF 2.31. I, too, had a horrible time getting the exe expanded and working. Probably more than most as I just barely know the basics of windows and don't know enough to download from Randy Winch's ftp site. I did try thru my browser and it looked good for awhile but quit with an error message. In case there are others who like me don't know much about windows. Here is what I did. From my email program (Pegasus mail) I saved the witney12 as a file to C:/temp/. Then I went to the run in file menu while in file manager. Then I tried importing it to PAF 3.0 with the same problem that others have had. It stopped after 7/8 of it was added and gave me an error message. So at this point I decided to try the old faithful Paf 2.31. I tried adding it from it's place in C:\temp but Paf didn't recognize it. So I copied it to C:\paf and then added the witney12.ged from the gedcom menu like any other gedcom and it worked! Except the notes or sources are no good. It just says not recognizable or too long like so many imported gedcoms do. Does Robert Ward have any plans to put this on his web page with the sources? Hope so. Good Luck, Alice Harris akh -at-

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