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Mailing List Archives > 1997-09-05 03, RE: Ebenezer Whitney info., by Janice Whitaker

From: Janice Whitaker<janwhit -at- > Subject: RE: Ebenezer Whitney info. Date: Fri, 5 Sep 1997 20:07:46 -0400 (EDT) >Dear Jan, > >Thanks for your NB info. The Eben. is the son of our mystery Ebenezer. > >Could you please check you notes again for the last bit of material. You state >the 1851 census for Weldford Parish, Kent co. The dates I have for this >family seem to all be internally consistent if it were the 1861 census. Since >my info. is from another person I can't be sure if it is correct but since >Eben. & Deborah and their first 3 children's ages are OK for 1861 census >thought I'd ask you to check. > >Alan Dear Alan, You are correct. Those were 1861 Census entries for Weldford Parish, Kent County, NB, and I apologise to all.

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