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From: "Alice Harris" <akh -at-> Subject: Re: 8467 individuals Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 13:06:24 +0000 > > I got Witney12 two different ways (.GED and .FTW, version 4) and each > > has 8467 individuals. Is this right/everybody? > > Yes, and 2939 families. > I found that a lot of the individual information > didn't make it into the GEDCOM import. Family Origins created an ANSI > text "surplus" file of 865k (23,795 lines !!) of information which > didn't import for whatever reason. Sample excerpt: > > UNKNOWN RECORD at Line 103249: > 1 _FA2 > 2 DATE 22 Aug 1994 > 3 PLAC PORTL > I too got the same number of individuals and families as Christopher. by importing to PAF 2.31. But I too didn't get the notes and sources. PAF gives even more ambiguous info in the notes. But what it means, and I suspect it is the same with other programs, is that the format of the information being sent doesn't match the format of of your program. As an example, I am told that Roots III has different types of entries depending on what type of sources the info is taken from and how good it is ranging from VRs to County histories, etc.. Paf only has one place for location and date in each event field. So Paf doesn't recognize the various gradations of the Roots III information. While it will put the location and date in there is ambiguous info in the notes area regarding the information it can't handle. Is there anyone on the list who uses PAF 3.0 or 2.31 who was able to download the witney12.ged and get the sources and notes? If so would you please tell me how you did it or perhaps send me a gedcom from your program? One Paf will transfer to another PAF with everything in tack. Thanks, Alice Harris Molalla, OR akh -at-

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