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From: <jody -at-> Subject: Silas Whitney Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 19:49:24 -0700 Hi I need Help have been looking for this Silas Whitney for almost 10 years and have yet to find any more about him than what is below. I have been watching all of the Whitney names but have yet to see any from ARK, LA, Does anyone know of a Silas Whitney born possibly Drew Co. ARK. fought in the Civil War and married a MARY ANN ELIZABETH CASAN OLVAZINA JOHNSON!!!!!! Yes that was her name. That is all I know about her. Silas died Jan 1897 in Greenville Hunt Co. TX. Have never found him on a census Daughter Caldonia born 1875 in ARK and one of sons James Eliphilet "Fay" born 1880 TX. Can bring some of his other childre a little forward at least their date of birth and who married. Jody -at- KernValley.Com Bodfish, Ca.

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