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From: <ALLAGREEN -at-> Subject: Latest PAF Gedcom effort: Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 18:32:20 -0400 (EDT) Dear WRG: I just got off the phone with the SLC people who support PAF after the special gedcom that Jon created for me that incorporated their last suggestions failed to complete loading with almost (but not quite) the same results as before. I got to exactly the same point in the gedcom for individuals - 7028 - instead of the 8467 we know are present, but did get 104 more marriages this time (1358 instead of 1254). They can't explain it any more this time than they could last time, except to say that I'm the only one who has reported a problem with importing a gedcom since 90,000 people have begun using PAF3.0 (although they did accept my saying that I was speaking on behalf of half a dozen others in our group who have had the same problem). I will be copying the latest file that Jon sent, and will send it on disk to the Family History Center Support Services Office, where they may be able to study the file and determine what the problem point is. When I know, you'll know. We did have one other thought, mostly me, actually. Is there a WRG member out there who is running one of the other top genealogy programs like Roots IV or The Master Genealogist who has successfully imported the Witney12.ged with all the notes and sources included? If there is, perhaps that person could create a "new" gedcom of Whitny12 and send it to me as an attachment. If someone is willing to try, it would be best if it had these options selected: (these are the ones Jon did in the last one he sent me) Destination: PAF ({PAF3.0 if that is also an option) GEDCOM: Version 5.5 Character Set: ANSEL Abberviate Tags: On It will be something else to try until the snailmail submission gets out to SLC and they get around to analyzing a file that big to find the problem. Who knows, we may be the cause of another update, if they find that it is a minor glitch in their programming. Jeanne: I'm sure that we Whitneys can take some small satisfaction in the thought that George Herbert Walker Bush must have derived one or more of his better qualities from his joint ancestry with us. Anyone who finds less sterling other qualities, they must have come from other branches. Note to Ron & Marsha Bokleman: Have you been able to come up with the resolution of the problem of the two families for Joseph Whitney that seems to stem from material taken from Pierce, with the "second family" that includes Palmer Whitney (logically enough the son of the Anna Palmer [2nd?] wife) and his siblings coming so much later (born according to the Robert Rose descendancy from abt 1774 through 1784 - during which time Joseph would have been between 58 and 68 years old) than the children of Joseph with Mary Hastings (born between 1749 and 1761), for whom a marriage CAN be found. Is the problem the lack of VR's from the town of Warwick (they don't seem to be in Orange)? I can find no death for Mary Hastings Whitney in any of the VR's - perhaps they had removed from Roxbury to Warwick between the years 1761 and ca 1774, and her death was recorded there as well. In the meantime, I'm really pleased with the amount of new research material being shared among the group - you're a great bunch and as always - the nicest group of people on the Internet. Happy Hunting: Allan GENEALOGICAL TRUTH FOR TODAY: Your microfilm reader is always the one that squeaks, has to be turned backwards, and doesn't quite focus.

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