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From: Paul and Brenda Nichols <pauli007 -at-> Subject: Callie May Whitney Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 17:57:41 -0700 I saw this and thought that someone might be interested in it. Brenda Nichols Moses Colby Young born 3 Mar 1825 Ossipee, Carroll Co, NH, d 28 May 1864, buried in Pensacola, FL married Mary Tibbetts born 22 May 1815 at Farmington, NH died 27 Aug 1855 at Sherman, Aroostook Co, ME d/o Edmund Tibbetts Children: girl born 5 Feb 1846 at Ossipee, NH Mary Arthena See BELOW Moses Colby Young Jr b 14 Nov 1848 at Ossipee, NH, d 22 Dec 1924 at Hudson, NH m Callie May Whitney, d/o Jedediah & Angeline (Huntoon) Whitney and the grandaughter of Rhoda (Blaisdell) Whitney who was the widow of Asa Whitney Edmund R b 15 Apr 1850 at T3R5 Aroostook Co, Maine Daniel T b 21 Apr 1852 at T3R5 Aroostook Co, Maine boy died 10 Jul 1854 at T3R5 Aroostook Co, Maine John born 27 Aug 1855 at T3R5, Aroostook Co, ME, died 16 Oct 1929 at Auburn, ME, killed by a car Benjamin Young Solomon Tarr Young b 1827 in Ossipee, NH For more info on this line, go to: <a href=""></a>

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