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From: "Alice Harris" <akh -at-> Subject: Persi at LDS FHCs Date: Mon, 6 Oct 1997 23:41:00 +0000 I originally sent this to NE Roots, Allan thought it might be useful for some of you Whitneys. I have been corresponding with Dick Eastman of the ONLINE GENEALOGY NEWSLETTER which is very good. If anyone would like subscription info email me. He recently had an article on the Updated Persi Files of Allen Co, Indiana Library . Below is an quote from his excellant article explaining it. But I think perhaps some who don't have access to internet, aren't near a private library that hasPersi, and can't afford the printed books might like to know that an older version is also available on microfiche at most of your local LDS Family History Centers. And it can be used for free. >I had a chance to use the new CD-ROM version of PERSI this week >and am delighted with it. PERSI is an abbreviation for the >Periodical Source Index, which has been a standard high-quality >reference for genealogists for some time now. Until this year, >PERSI has been available only in printed books with a rather high >price tag. As a result, few private individuals could afford to >purchase PERSI, and only a few genealogy libraries were able to >justify the expense. Earlier this summer an online version was >introduced on the World Wide Web (see my August 9 newsletter for a >description of the Web version). The CD-ROM version is now available >at an attractive price. Dick has a point. His newsletter is to introduce what is new. And the index at the FHCs isn't the newer updated version . It is indexed only up to 1993. But there is a wealth of knowledge lodged in the genealogical periodical articles listed in this index. And the FHCs are another place you can find to use it. If anyone would like to see the rest of the article I would be happy to forward it to you. Dick also has a webpage where you can view past newsletter articles. Alice Harris akh -at-

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