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From: Tim Doyle <tdoyle -at-> Subject: Descendants of Ezra and Agnis (-----) Whitney Date: Sun, 12 Oct 1997 00:59:01 -0600 At 04:49 PM 10/11/97, Robert L. Ward wrote: >WHITNEY Research Group member Tim Doyle is a descendant of Lucretia's older >brother, Ezra WHITNEY, Jr., b. 29 Nov 1760, Lunenburg, MA. I have been watching the WHITNEY mailing list for about two weeks now and have been busy gathering data on the descendants of Ezra and Agnes (-----) WHITNEY. I currently have 168 of them in my database. As soon as I get caught up, I'll be posting my database online for all to see, and will also contribute this branch to the WITNEY12 (or 13) GEDCOM. >I find it quite unusual that Lucretia WHITNEY, who lived in the 1780's in >Rockingham, VT, should be married in 1792 in Providence, RI. It may be unusual, but it may be correct. Ezra WHITNEY's pension application includes a letter written by his sister Lucretia WHITNEY Franklin dated 13 Dec 1845 which states that she remembered her mother and older sisters preparing a rucksack for Ezra to take with him when he served in the Revolution. She states that she resided in Windham County, Vermont until 1806 when she removed with her husband to Middletown, Delaware Co., NY and in 1826 to Allen, Allegany County, NY. The 1850 census for Allen includes Lucretia Franklin, age 79, born in MA with what appears to be a daughter Harriett, age 44, b. NY. Living next door is perhaps a son Peter Franklin, age 45, b. NY, and his family. On the next census page is a John Franklin, aged 57, b. Rhode Island and his family. If John was a son of Lucretia and Mr. Franklin, then this would indicate that Lucretia had indeed resided in Rhode Island early in her marriage. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done on this branch, but we have some good leads. If anyone else is interested in working on this line, please let me know! Regarding the purported surname for Ezra WHITNEY's wife Agnis as being ROSSITER, I have yet to find the origin of this claim, but I do find the following in my files: Ezra Whitney b. 2-22-1730 d. 9-24-1804 m. (1) Agnes Rossiter (2) Elizabeth (3) Mercy Morse Lt. MA Rev. Info from DAR Patriot Index Alas, this scrap of information was one collected by myself over ten years ago - before I got wise to the importance of properly citing sources. -------------------------------------------------- Tim Doyle tdoyle -at- / tdoyle -at- WWW homepage: <a href=""></a> ftp directory: pub/tdoyle

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