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From: "Doneva Shepard" <Doneva -at-> Subject: Re: Sarah Whitney and Benjamin Wilson Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 19:08:24 -0800 And, don't forget "my" Benjamin wilson . . . John Whitney and Elizabeth Smith's daughter, Elizabeth Whitney, b 1763 Ridgefield, CT m. Joseph Keeler their son, Joseph Keeler, b. 8 Apr 1713 m. Jane Wilson, dau. Benjamin Wilson and wife Jane Olmsted Does this make sense to anybody or am I furthering the confusion? Cheerio, Doneva shepard Doneva -at- -----Original Message----- From: Janice Whitaker <janwhit -at-> To: JWMUSE -at- <JWMUSE -at-> Cc: WHITNEY-L -at- <WHITNEY-L -at-> Date: Sunday, October 26, 1997 6:05 PM Subject: Sarah Whitney and Benjamin Wilson >Dear Jeanne and WRG's, > Here's some family confusion, and another Whitney connection to this >issue! I found this surfing Gendex last night and consulted my VR's, as >well. >Cornelius' sister Alice Whitney married Nathaniel Woods of Groton. They had >a daughter Bathsheba Woods b. in Oxford, MA 1702. >Bathsheba Woods married Collins Moore from Sudbury, and they produced >Bathsheba Moore,b.10 Feb.1731/32 in Oxford, MA. >Bathsheba Moore married first, Ephraim Woods, 1750/51 in Oxford, MA; >married second, John Petts(Patts in Townsend VR's) 7 Nov.1761 in Townsend, MA; >married third, Benjamin Wilson 20 Aug.1772, Townsend, MA. >So, if I am reading this correctly,(and Cornelius'daughter Sarah married >Benjamin Wilson) then when Sarah died, her husband married her first cousin >once removed. > Another gem I found was that there was another Beulah Whitney, >daughter of Joshua(Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John) Whitney and Mehitable >Wilson, b. 1745 and married John Ball. Does anyone know if this Beulah is >possibly related to either Sarah daughter of Cornelius or Benjamin Wilson? > Your reference to Rev. Obed Wilson's life suddenly rang a bell, and I >realized that I have a copy of "Marriages by Rev.Obed Wilson of Bingham, >Maine" published in the "Down East Ancestry" vol.I, No. I, June 1977! I >had been seeking the correct birthplace for Olive Parlin wife of William >Whitney(Samuel, Abner, John, Isaiah, Thomas, John).[my ggggrandparents] >Parlins were early settlers in that "neck of the woods". Olive's uncles >were among the first settlers in Norridgewock, and her parents died and are >buried in nearby Starks. So, Oliver Wilson and his wife Sarah were >contemporaries in Concord,MA, and the northern Kennebec River area of >Maine. Interesting, to me anyhow. Cheers! Jan > >

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