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From: "John E. Fischer" <fischer -at- TSO.Cin.IX.Net> Subject: Re: "Whitney Genealogy" question Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 01:27:39 -0500 (EST) Shawn Boone Whitney wrote: > >......There is Melville and Pierce, but one I had not heard of ... > >Whitney, William L. "Whitney Genealogy". Pottstown, Pennsylvania: >Privately printed, 1890. > >Anyone heard of this? If its on Robert Ward's listing, don't email me >back...I just haven't looked yet  :-o  :-}  ;-) > This may well be "Some of the Descendants of John and Elinor Whitney who settled in Watertown, Massachusetts in 1635" by William L (Lebbeus) Whitney Published by M E Miller, steam-power printer; Pottsville PA 1890. I have a microfiche and would be willing to do a limited number of lookups. Happy Hunting John E Fischer fischer -at- Cincinnati Ohio USA

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