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Mailing List Archives > 1997-11-22 01, Re: Whitney rifle/carbine history?, by Shawn Whitney

From: Shawn Whitney <cyberboone -at-> Subject: Re: Whitney rifle/carbine history? Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 10:33:07 +0000 Larry Knigga wrote: > > I realize that gun lore is not the scope of this list, but one of the > historical arms of the US prior to the Civil War was a Whitney > Rifle/Carbine. Would anyone have any knowledge of this bit of Whitney > history? > > Larry > > lknigga -at- Larry, Did you receive my last post? I copied to the WRG list but did not see it come through. To repeat, I have copies of 3 articles that discuss Eli's involvement in the early American gun industry. Would you like to have then emailed to you? -- Always looking, Shawn Boone Whitney cyberboone -at- Researching Ger-Rus surnames: KNODEL,KREITER,RIEKER Also: BOONE, ELDER, ELLIS, EWING, GAMBLE, GODLEY, HUGGINS, JACKSON, KINNE, MANNING, OHMER, SMALL, STONE, TAYLOR, TOWER, WHITNEY, YOUNGS and others

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