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From: Tim Doyle <tdoyle -at-> Subject: Whitney: London Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 05:40:13 -0600 I currently am on vacation in London and will be here the rest of the week. Yesterday, I visited St. Margaret's Church where John Whitney was baptised and there purchased a book about the church as well as a few postcards. I will send more information on this when I return home. What I'd like to know is if there's anything else useful to our research that I might be able to do while I am here. Would checking the St. Margaret's registers for any omitted data from the web page help, or has this been done? Are there any other churches in the area that we know of that might help? Are there any other sites that have a Whitney connection that we might like a photograph of? If anyone does have anything that they suggest for me, please e-mail me directly as these messages stand out much better than the mailing list messages do, and I do not have my mail filtering software with me. Happy hunting! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tim Doyle / tdoyle -at- / tdoyle -at- / 73267.260 -at- WWW homepage: <a href=""></a> ftp directory: pub/tdoyle

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