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From: Jeanne Muse <JWMUSE -at-> Subject: Some Kentucky Whitney material Date: Sun, 30 Nov 1997 11:02:56 -0500 One of Allan Green's recent e-mail messages included information regarding HENRY WHITNEY (of Long Island and CT) and his wives as follows: >>I was careful to include from the book the comma after the name Henry Whitney, so it doesn't actually say that Sarah Ketcham was his [hitherto unknown] wife, but seems to at least imply it.<< HENRY WHITNEY married the "Widow" SARAH KETCHAM. She was SARAH SALMON, daughter of Christopher SALMON, and widow of EDWARD KETCHUM. Edward Ketchum married Sarah Salmon as his second wife, and they had one daughter, Sarah Ketchum. Edward Ketchum died on 9 Jun 1655. Sarah (Salmon) Ketchum then married Henry Whitney, as his 2nd wife, in about 1658. As far as I can determine, Henry Whitney's first wife and the mother of John, progenator of the descendants of records, is still Unknown.

-) Jeanne

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