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From: DB12251 <DB12251 -at-> Subject: FAMILY CRESTS Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 18:29:09 EST Thank you all for responding. I've only just started seriously researching back through the Whitney line of my family. I've been sharing information with three newly discovered cousins hoping to fill in some blanks. Yesterday, I found out that my great grandfather, Zachariah Whitney was born May 17, 1851 at Pentwynmawr Clydach Iron Works, Llanelly - (Can any one tell me about this area?) His father was Walter Whitney, a coal miner and his mother was Caroline, maiden name Cross. This is the first time that any of the present family has ever known the mother's name. Has any one ever come across any of these Whitneys or locations before? I could use any help and information anyone has to give and will appreciate any that is offered. Thank you. BD12251 -at-

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