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From: Jroots <Jroots -at-> Subject: Re: Lydia Whitney Date: Sun, 7 Dec 1997 19:15:39 EST Hi, I'm getting to my mail a little late, but I do have some information on Lydia WHITNEY, who m. James LOCKE. Lydia was b. 9/6/1793, d. 1887 in Wellsboro. James was b. 5/18.1790 of Thetford, they were m. 5/18/1813. James d. 1874 Wellsboro. They had Lydia Whitney LOCKE (8/25/1814-12/22/1843), of Wellsboro, m. Phianeas VAN HORN, James Kimball LOCKE (3/17/1816-7/28/1820), Harriet LOCKE (8/27/1818) m. 5/12/1836 Sylvester KELLEY, Daniel LOCKE (9/10/1820-9/2/1897) m. 5/20/1845 Schenevus, NY Clarissa WRIGHT (d. in Lake Geneva, Walworth, Wisconsin), Samuel LOCKE (2/20/1823-10/16/1824), Perrin LOCKE (7/4/1825-1852), buried in Wellsboro Cemtery, Merrill LOCKE (10/11/1827-1885), buried Wellsboro Cemetery, Susan M. LOCKE (8/1/1829), Mary E. LOCKE (11/21/1831-1904), buried Wellsboro Cemetery, Charles Berton LOCKE(9/12/1833-1835), Nancy LOCKE (1/12/1838) and Agnes B. LOCKE (12/3/1839). I do not have any more information on Lydia. Regards, Jerry Harrison <a href=""></a> jroots -at- Albuquerque, NM

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