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From: ALLAGREEN <ALLAGREEN -at-> Subject: Re: Anne Whitney/Eben. Cutler Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 21:23:37 EST In a message dated 97-12-14 17:08:08 EST, you write: >Subj: Anne Whitney/Eben. Cutler >Date:97-12-14 17:08:08 EST >From:hclark -at- (Harman Clark) >Reply-to:hclark -at- >To:Whitney-L -at- > >I have "theory" that Anne and Ebenezer had another child (before their >marriage), namely Lois Cutler, who subsequently married Joseph Herrick. >She and her children are named in will of Shadrach Whitney, Anne's brother, >and there are other factors involved. I would be happy to send you the >data I have and my tentative conclusions. Harman Clark. Box 311, >Sheffield, VT 05866-0311 Dear Mr. Clark: This must be Anna Whitney, d. of Jonathan and Sarah (Hapgood) Whitney, b. 24 May 1702, Watertown, MA (Watertown VR); m. 3 Mar 1723/24 in Weston, MA (Weston VR) to Ebenezer Cutler. I do not have the full Watertown VR's, just the Whitney extracts, but there is no mention of any child, Lois born to an unmarried Anna Whitney prior to her date of marriage in Weston. The first child of their marriage shown in our database is Elisha, born 30 April 1725, which date is essentially fourteen months after the date of the marriage. I see the mention of Lois (no surname given), wife of Joseph Herrick, in the notes on the will of Shadrach Whitney, Anna's brother (as they are to be found on Robert Ward's webpage under #187, Shadrach Whitney in the 5 generations of the descendants of John and Elinor Whitney). You do not mention a birth date for this Lois Cutler. Since Ebenezer Cutler was born in July of 1700, and thus would have been almost 24 years old at the time of his marriage to Anna, is there any possibility that he might have had an earlier wife who may have died at the time of or shortly after the birth of this Lois Cutler? I would be most interested in the reasons that you have come to the conclusion that this Lois Cutler is a child of Ebenezer and Anna that was born prior to their marriage. I will be most interested to hear further from you about your research into this matter. Sincerely, Allan E. Green

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