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From: Mike and Diane Wills <acorn -at-> Subject: Re: Whitney in CT, NY, MO Date: Sun, 08 Mar 1998 12:41:45 +0000 ALLAGREEN wrote: > > Dear Diane: > > In order to assist you in your search, do you suppose you might be able to > help narrow down the possibilities by giving us just a little more information > about your Chloe. Could you provide an exact (or approximate) birthdate? I > have found one Chloe born in 1783 and another born in 1803, but no data on > husbands for either. There are no entries for Yale. > > Allan E. Green <allagreen -at-> Hi Allan, Thanks for your offer. The listing must have appeared confusing. Anyway I listed Chloe as born 12 Dec 1795. I don't know where. She died in Albany, Gentry Co., MO. I don't know when. She married Stephen Porter YALE 30 Nov 1815. I will guess in the vicinity of South Canaan, CT. Diane Wills acorn -at- First Generation ÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐ 1. Stephen Porter YALE. Born 22 Apr 1781. Died 1856 in Albany, Gentry Co., MO. Occupation Farmer. Residence S. Canaan,CT; 1827>Mina, Chataque Co., NY; Gallatin, MO. Stephen Porter Yale fought in the War of 1812. He moved from South Canaan, CT, to Mina, Chatauqua Co., NY, on June 19, 1827, and later from there to Gallatin, Daviess Co., MO, and thence to Albany, MO. He was in Albany in 1842 or earlier. *** He married Chloe WHITNEY, 30 Nov 1815. Born 12 Dec 1795. Died in Albany, Gentry Co., MO. They had the following children: 2 i. Stephen Porter YALE 3 ii. Henry Davis YALE 4 iii. Miles Harvey YALE 5 iv. George Eugene YALE 6 v. Frances Eliza YALE 7 vi. Elihu Bailey YALE 8 vii. Caroline Elnora YALE 9 viii. Norman Truesdale YALE 10 ix. Harriet Mariah YALE 11 x. Martha Jane YALE

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