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From: ALLAGREEN <ALLAGREEN -at-> Subject: Re: WHITNEY Date: Sat, 14 Mar 1998 19:57:13 EST Dear Val: I'm really dumb, sometimes. About the signature block, that is something that many people who use Netscape or Eudora Mail have set up so that it puts a standard name and address block ( and sometimes a little "ad" for their genealogy business or web site) on the bottom of each e-mail automatically. Why I say I'm dumb is that you are so obviously on AOL, and we don't have them. I guess the only thing to say in that respect is - don't put your name or address in the main part of the e-mail message - the machine picks it up from the header material. What you put in the Subject block is irrelevant. When I sent you my response last night, in the incoming mail that I downloaded AFTER uploading your message and others, there was another letter about Lydia Whitney and Moses Adams. I have included it below, and will also forward my response to that person to you in another message (I don't think I can forward two different e-mails in the same message). Agreed that the ball is back in my court, but I'm going to be setting up my new toy (233 MHz HP Pentium, with lots of bells and whistles and a 4GB HD) over the next couple of days, so it will be a few days before I contact you again. Here's the lady's message to me, and my response (I figured out how). >Hi, Allen, >I have a Lydia WHITNEY, bapt. 22 Feb. 1634/5; she marr. Moses ADAMS, >who was b 1654 and d 1724 in Sherborn, MA Lydia d (unk.) prob. in Braintree, MA. I >have as her mother Lydia ELIOT, b Eng, marr ca 1631. I have two possibles as her >father: one is Jonathan WHITNEY; the other is ____ PENNIMAN. >Do you see any possible connections here? I've found so little about this lady, >I'm beginning to think she's a figment of my imagination... >Please let me know if you think there are any possibilities here. >Thanks.... >Barbara Cofer ********************************* Dear Barbara: What a coincidence!! I just sent off an answer to someone else who was interested in Lydia Whitney and Moses Adams. However, there seems to be some difference of opinion about which Lydia married this man. Their marriage is listed in the Sherborn, MA, Vital Records as having been on April 15, 1684. I think you may have the wrong Lydia, which is why it is hard to make the connection. Unless your note has a typo, >I have a Lydia WHITNEY, bapt. 22 Feb. 1634/5;< the ages you give are 20 years apart, i.e., Lydia baptised in 1635 (which, BTW, is the year the Whitneys arrived in Watertown, and none of the sons were married yet) and Moses born in 1654. For a number of reasons based on the various MA Vital Records, I think that the Lydia-3 who married Moses Adams was the daughter of Jonathan-2 and Lydia Jones Whitney, who was born in Watertown 3 Jul 1657 as their first child. We also have this Lydia dying in 1719 in Sherborn, although I cannot check that date as all I have are the Whitney extracts, and she would have been listed among the Adams in that source. Interestingly, the other questioner (whose letter I just answered) thought she had been killed by Indians and asked me if I knew anything about that (which I didn't). You seem to know more about Moses Adams than we do, so I would be very interested in finding out more about this family from you. All we have is that he was the son of Lt. Henry and Elizabeth Paine Adams, and that he and Lydia had two children, Thomas, born 1688, and James, b. 1693. Anything beyond that would be new to us. If you come to agree with us about this Lydia, we can help a lot with her ancestry back through the immigrant ancestor John-1 to his birth in St. Margaret's Westminster Parish, (London, England) to Thomas and Mary Bray Whitney. I hope this has been helpful. I have copied this response to the Whitney maillist. If you would like to get involved with the 200+ members of the "Whitney Research Group" (i.e., the people subscribed to that list), let me know and I'll be glad to help you. I am most delighted to have heard from you. Allan E. Green <allagreen -at-> ******************************* Looking forward to working with both of you on expanding this branch. Allan

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