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From: Vickie Elam White <102657.1616 -at-> Subject: Re: General Questions Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 07:26:09 -0500 Malcolm, <<What's the 'Alice (WHITNEY?) WOODS' problem?>> Nathaniel WOODS of Groton MA supposedly married four times. HIs first wife was Eleanor _____ and his second wife was supposedly a woman whom generations of researchers have said was Alice WHITNEY, daughter of Joshua and descendant of John and Elinor. This Alice died by the time Nathaniel married his third wife in July 1721. Joshua WHITNEY's will and an analysis of various vital records show that Joshua didn't have a daughter named Alice. Not only that, but I believe that Eleanor and Alice were actually one and the same, so Nathaniel WOODS was actually married only three times. If you visit Robert Ward's website you will see a discussion of this issue. Vickie Elam White 102657.1616 -at-

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