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From: "Thrull" <thrull -at-> Subject: RE:Benjamin connection Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 23:37:25 -0500 Hi, Unfortunaly I don't have a Benjamin Whitney. My Whitney names are not very long at the moment. I think we might be pointed in an interesting direction at the moment with the possible Eleazer Whitney Robert L. Ward has thankfully pointed us to. Will keep my eyes out for anything helpful to your search as well! My mom has been scouring the cenus rolls. (till her eyes have crossed!) At the moment I only have my Whitney's going back three generations (going backwards) We were considering doing some research in NY in a particular email my mother sent me had the following information. As the Pension record we were waiting for finally came in. Just thought I would add in case anything might help you in your search. Military records for Lemuel P. Whitney,.. it says in one page that his middle name was Philip. He married Clarissa S. Carpenter in Halifax Vermont on August 31,1845, marriage performed by Rev. Samuel Fish There was no physical description, but he did have a strained hip due to a skirmish in Wilmington in Sept of 1862. He died June 21,1884 of heart disease at age 63 years, 8 months. In the military record, this man gave an affidavit and he stated his relation to Clarissa as son in law. Nathan Mann who married a daughter of Lemuel and Clarissa. (Probally Ada Whitney) In 1925 a Lesley Vanderoef of Homer NY wrote to the military wanting dates for his/her paternal grandfather Lemuel Philip Whitney, so the letters are in the file. If we make any connections or gather anything new will keep on posting it. Good Luck! Dawna thrull -at-

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