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From: Janice Whitaker<janwhit -at- > Subject: Re: Error in birthdate, ME VR's/Whitny12 Date: Sun, 7 Jun 1998 18:47:59 -0400 Dear Allan & WRG's, Yes, in McLellan's Hist.of Gorham, pg 831, the second child of Asa and Phebe(Hopkins) Davis was Elsie, b. 9 Apr 1788, m. Nicholas Dennett (2d wife); 2d, ---Scamman of Saco. Elsie Married the widower of her older sister, Anna. Seventh child listed is Roxanna, b.----, m. ----Davis of Buxton; d. in Buxton. Cheers! Jan >Dear WRG: > >I have noted tonight an error that has appeared in Whitny12 - a simple >transposition of numerals in a date. In the VR's of Gorham, Cumberland, ME, >for the birth of Patience Whitney, d. of Asa Whitney and Patience Weston. In >Whitny12 the date appears as 7 Dec 1748, when in the vital records it appears >as 7 Dec 1784. Please make this correction in your copies of Whitny12. This >makes Patience the fifth (and last) child of this marriage, rather than the >first. > >Further to this husband, there is no date given in Whitny12 for his marriage >to Phebe Hopkins, his second wife. The Gorham VR's give that date as 14 Jul >1785. Then, the second child of this second marriage is named Elsie in the >Whitny12 database, but is given as Alice in the Gorham Vital Record. I have >corrected this, putting the name Elsie in parenthesis as an alternative. Is >that name from the McLellan History of Gorham? Is that also the source for >the seventh child, Roxanna, born in 1800, who does not appear in the Gorham >VR's among the births. > >Happy Hunting! > >Allan E. Green <allagreen -at->

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