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From: <ALLAGREEN -at-> Subject: Statira Whitney (2nd) Death date conflict Date: Sat, 20 Jun 1998 10:41:27 EDT Dear WRG: This note is essentially for Jan Whitaker, but others may also be interested. Jan had sent me a set of print-outs of the descendants of Abner and Sarah Hilton Whitney, with extensions, as well as copies of pages from the McClellan "History of Gorham, ME" and other materials in her possession. I have been combining that data with material from the ME Vital Records to try and consolidate sources for all of the persons in this line of descent. Jan, I must begin by complimenting you on the thoroughness with which the material you sent is documented. The series of citations for the entries is most impressive. That said, in the records you sent for the family of Uriel "Royal" Whitney, the death date for the 2nd dauthter named Statira is shown as 11 Aug 1792, with the McLellan History of Gorham cited as the source. However, the Whitney extracts of the Vital Records of Gorham give the date for this event as 11 Aug 1794. If you have a photocopy of the printed Gorham VR's, would you please check to see if this date was transcribed incorrectly? If that is not the case, then perhaps this is one place where McLellan may be in error. Secondly, there are 1996 and 1997 dates entered in Whitny12 for burial of many of the members of this family. Are these dates from your submission of the GEDCOM to Jon? I have wondered if they represent the date that you found the tombstone for each of these people, or whether they perhaps have LDS significance. I find that perhaps my PAF family database program is less forgiving than your Reunion or Jon's FTW are, because every time I pass over such a date in working with these records, my computer beeps rudely at me because it is more than 100 years after the actual death date entered in the nearby field. If there is significance to these dates, I hesitate to delete them, but if not, then I would probably simplify my own life and remove.them. I may find further, equally minor discrepancies, but will close this note now, so that I can send it while downloading my mail this morning. The vacation trip is going very well, we have been looking at houses here in Somerset Co., MD, as a place to which to relocate for our retirement. We have also been eating crab, crab, crab!! Last night we ate at a great place called "The Captain's Table" on the end of the peninsula at Crisfield, MD, and ordered something called "The Captain's Trio" - which consisted of three individual ramekins with Crab Imperial, Crab au Gratin, and Crab sauteed in butter and wine. It was the first time in my life that I couldn't finish the crab on my plate, so we "saved" most of the xauteed crab and put it in the little fridge in the mote. Today for lunch we will get take-out salads and bring them back so as to add all the lump crabmeat for a crab salad lunch. I will happily accept the envy of all!! <VBG>. We're looking forward to meeting Robert Ward in another few days when we move on to Washington, DC, so mcore later - Happy Hunting to all. Allan E. Green

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