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Mailing List Archives > 1998-06-23 05, Re: Abigail Whitney, b 04/11/1762 or 3, m Elijah Bruce, MAS or VT, by Robert L. Ward

From: "Robert L. Ward" <rlward1 -at-> Subject: Re: Abigail Whitney, b 04/11/1762 or 3, m Elijah Bruce, MAS or VT Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 15:10:54 At 03:06 AM 6/23/98 GMT, Norris wrote: >Hi: > >I am looking for info re the ancestry of Abigail Whitney, b 04/11/1762 >or 3, married Elijah Bruce in Vermont. I have seen the fellow below, >with a different mother, Abigail Marstop, listed as her father >elsewhere. > >Did he marry two ladies named Abigail, or was the lady a widow and >there are two names, or is one completely bogus? Anything else on the >family would be appreciated. I have accounted for 700 descendants of >just one of her children. > >This is from the Whitney data base, with no children showing: > >Nathaniel Whitney > > ID: I00169 > Sex: M > Born: 22 Jul 1728 in Westborough, Worcester Co., Massachusetts > Died: 1 May 1776 in Grafton, Worcester Co. Massachusetts > >Father: Nathaniel Whitney, b. 23 Jan 1695/96 in Watertown, >Massachusetts >Mother: Mary Child, b. 1699 in Westborough, Worcester Co., >Massachusetts > >Family 1 Abigail Josling, b. 5 Sep 1735 > > Married: 26 Dec 1753 in Westborough, Worcester Co., Massachusetts > >______________- > > >Is this the father of my Abigail Whitney who married Elijah Bruce >circa late 1700's, in probably Vermont, maybe Mass? > > > >-- >Silver Bullet <nmt1 -at-> >Home Page: <a href=""></a> >--------------------------------------- The intentions of marriage of Abigail-7 WHITNEY to Elijah BRUSE "of Newfain" is recorded in the vital records [VRs] of Westborough, MA, on 6 Jan 1781. She was b. 11 Apr 1763, Grafton, MA (VR), daughter of Nathaniel-6 and Abigail (JOSLING) WHITNEY [Nathaniel-5, Nathaniel-4, Nathaniel-3, John-2, John-1]. For her further WHITNEY ancestry, see the following webpage: <<a href=""></a>; There was an Abigail-6 WHITNEY, daughter of Nathan-5 and Abigail (MARSTASS) WHITNEY [Thomas-4, Eleazer-3, Thomas-2, John-1], b. 3 Apr 1768, Brookfield, MA (VR). Nothing further is known of her. Thus, you see, there was Nathaniel and Abigail WHITNEY, and also Nathan and Abigail WHITNEY. They were four distinct individuals. Claims that Nathaniel married Abigail MARSTASS are wrong. The confusion arose because Nathaniel's children were born in Grafton, and Nathan's marriage is found in Grafton, but Nathaniel was married in Westborough, and Nathan's children are found in Brookfield. Someone looking at Grafton VRs has assumed (wrongly) that the marriage in Grafton must apply to the man whose children were born there. Any data on descendants of Abigail (WHITNEY) BRUCE you would care to submit in GEDCOM form to our database would be most welcome. Send it to Jon Aston <MRJ79 -at->. Regards, Robert Robert L. Ward rlward1 -at- <a href=""></a> 12236 Shadetree Lane, Laurel, MD 20708-2832 301-776-1659

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