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From: sherrill madden <mssherrill -at-> Subject: Re: Russell Whitney Date: Sat, 22 Aug 1998 14:12:42 -0700 This is NOT my Russell WHITNEY. May be a cousin.. my Russell WHITNEY b. 1800 somewhere in VT m. Billiscent ??, died in Lockport, NY, date unk. Know he died there because of his son's obit. Just came back from Lockport and found children of Russell, but no Russell or wife. Big Mystery! At 05:24 PM 8/22/98 -0400, Norbert C. Koenig wrote: >Would appreciate information on Russell Whitney, b. 2/02/1800, d. >7/07/1881 >m. Virginia Warden, b. 2/07/1807, d. 5/07/1881, Essex Co. NY >Also would like information on daughter Jemima Whitney, b. 1840, m. >Abraham Reynolds Jr. > >Elizabeth Koenig koenign -at- > > Sherrill Madden "Words form the thread on which we string our experience." Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Seeking : COX [KS, CA] ~ QUAY [NY, MI, IN] ~ SHUEY [IA] southeastern US: MADDEN, SHIRLEY (Myra Maybelle SHIRLEY aka: Belle Starr)] Erie/Niagara/St. Lawrence Co's NY: MORRELL, ROSCOE, TAYLOR, TUCKER, WHITNEY

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