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From: <JKSLeary -at-> Subject: Margaret WHITNEY Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 07:57:23 EDT Hello: I'm trying to find out about a Margaret WHITNEY who married a Charles Greenleaf RAMSDELL 8/31/1870 in Heartland ME. Her marriage was a double ceremony where another couple (Sumner WHITNEY and Augusta WYMAN) were also married. I believe this Sumner (born in Palmyra ME. in ca.1842) was the son of Edward WHITNEY and Annie KNOX. I got their names from Sumner's death info, but I can find no other mention of these two people elsewhere. Nor can I find a connection between Margaret and Sumner's parents. But there must be some connection. they were either both Edward's children or Margaret and Sumner were cousins. If anyone has any info on these people I would love to hear from you Thanks for any help you can give me................Jeff JKSLeary -at-

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