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From: <klw2 -at-> Subject: Joanna (Whitney) Sylvester/Micah Whitney Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 9:20:34 -0500 In the Commemorative Biographical Record of the Counties of Rock, Greene, Grant, Iowa, and Lafayette, Wisconsin is a short biographical sketch of Caleb Sylvester and his wife Joanna Whitney. It contains the following sentence: "She was born at Otisfield, Maine, a daughter of Micah Whitney, who spent seven years in the Continental Army." I would like to make two comments on this sentence. In the vital records of Phillips, Franklin Co., Maine are registered the dates of birth of Micah Whitney, his wife Hannah Cobb, and all twelve of their children. Unfortunately, the places of their births is unrecorded there. The vital records of Gorham, Cumberland Co., Maine contain the records of the births of the first six children, all born in Gorham, The last child was born in Gray, Maine. However, the birthplaces of the remaining five children are, I believe, still unknown. Joanna Whitney is one of those five children. It is very interesting to me that this sketch attributes her birthplace to Otisfield, Oxford Co., Maine, especially since her sister Mary was married there to Reubin Smith, and lived there quite a few years. However, Jean Hankins, the Archivist of the Otisfield Historical Society, has searched the Otisfield records both there and in Augusta and can find no record of the birth of any children to Micah and Hannah Whitney in Otisfield. Of course, they may have been born there without being recorded. I wonder what the source was for Joanna's birthplace in the Wisconsin resource. The reference to Micah Whitney being in the Continental Army for seven years is incorrect. Micah Whitney enlisted in Colonel James Scammon's Massachusetts regiment in April of 1775 and served in it until December of that year. He re-enlisted in the 24th Massachusetts Regiment of the Continental Army in January of 1776, and served until January 1, 1777, when he was discharged, and in his own words, "came home." Ken Whitney Silver Spring, MD

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