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From: "Dave Osborn" <daveo -at-> Subject: my WHITNEY history Date: Sat, 17 Oct 1998 21:56:17 +0800 Thanks for the replies to my very first e-mail to the list. I will now send you what I know about my Whitneys. Lets see where to begin. ME. My madian name is SHELDRAKE and I emigrated from England with my parents, sisters and brother to Perth Western Australia in 1967. We came from Croydon Surrey. MY FATHER. Micheal John Sheldrake born 24th March 1935 in Croydon Surrey. Married Jean Marie Easton on 4th September 1954 at Croydon. HIS MOTHER. Harriet Manley born 2nd September 1898 (just had her 100th birthday) where she was born ? She married Walter Hamilton Sheldrake in December 1926 in Croydon Surrey. She had 1 brother and 1 sister Benjamin and Ada. >From here I have no dates or places. HER MOTHER. Ada Dickinson married Benjamin Manley. She had 6 siblings: Elizabeth, Catherine, George, Josephine, Walter and Betrice. HER MOTHER. Marianne Whitney married William Dickinson. She had 9 siblings: Eliza, George South, Joseph, James Davies, Elizabeth Churchman, Catherine Russel, Emma, Robert Eustace, and John. HER FATHER. George Whitney married Elizabeth South. HIS FATHER. Reverend George Whitney married Catherine Davies. HIS FATHER. James Whitney married Jane ? He had 1 brother, John. HIS FATHER. James Whitney married Eleanor? He had 2 brothers George and John. HIS FATHER. James Whitney married Anne ? Now on my husbands side. MY HUSBAND. David John Osborn born 10 July 1961 at Stamford UK, emigrated from England in 1974 with parents and brother. HIS MOTHER. Kathleen Elizabeth Amers, born 18th May 1931 at Stoke on Trent. Married John William Osborn. HER MOTHER. Mary Alice Whitney born ? married to Isaac Templeton Amers. She was living at 87 Leonard st Burslem ? (not sure couldn't make out writing on birth certificate) at the time of Kathleens birth. Hope someone can make sence of this. thanks Julie Osborn.

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