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From: "Patricia A. Whitney-Jones" <pwhitney -at-> Subject: Re: whitney question Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 19:11:17 -0700 Hi Carrie: I do have a couple of Cummings on my database here at home, but not much! Source: "Ebenezer Whitney of Stow, Mass and Pomfret, Conn." by Prentiss Glazier Israel Whitney (b. Bef 1709 d. 1 Jan 1746) was a child of Ebenezer Whitney (30 Jun 1672 d. 5 Aug 1727). Another one of Ebenezer's children was Enoch (Abt. 1708 d. date unknown), from which my line branches. Parents of Oliver and Eleazer Cummings unknown at this time. Oliver Cummings m. Sybilla Whitney [b.1732/33;dau. of Israel Whitney) Eleazer Cummings m. Hannah Whitney b.1737 (dau. of Israel Whitney) Eleazer Cummings and Hannah (Whitney) Cummings had a son named Israel Whitney Cummings. I don't have a George Whitney in my personal database. You might check with the Whitney Discussion Group's extensive knowledge and databases. WHITNEY-L -at- Administrivia: To subscribe to WHITNEY-L, send a message to WHITNEY-L-request -at- that contains in the body of the message the command subscribe and no other text. No subject line is necessary, but if your software requires one, just use subscribe in the subject, too. Happy searching... Regards, Tricia At 07:11 AM 10/22/98 EDT, you wrote: >Hi my "search" choice on my family tree maker keeps taking me to your site, >but I can't find where to go. I'm looking for info on Laura Theresa Cummings >m. George Whitney. His line came directly from Ireland to Kansas. Are you >familiar with those Whitneys? Please let me know, >Thank you, >Carrie Nall > > Patricia Whitney-Jones {Lackie/Hoopes} San Diego, California <a href=""></a> [my niece) <a href=""></a> LACKIE*LAVIGNE*SANDIFORD*WHITNEY*REID*PERRY*TYLER*WARNER* FROST***BULLEN*STAATS*MAXWELL*CROCKETT*MCCRONE* HOFFECKER*NAUDAIN*PEACH*ROBERTS***HOOPES*JONES

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