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From: <ALLAGREEN -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Mary Ann WHITNEY, b. 1820, m. J. A. MANSFIELD Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 07:28:51 EST Dear NE and Whitney List Members: This query is addressed primarily to Herb Phelps, but others may well have some of the answers. Jonas Prescott-7 WHITNEY (Josiah-6, Josiah-5, David-4, Benjamin-3, John-2, John-1), father of Mary Ann was originally from Waltham, Middlesex, MA, m. Rebecca PIPER in Ashby, Middlesex, MA, in 1815, and had his first two children (Rebecca, b. 1815, Josiah Davis, b. 1818) in Ashby, and then possibly relocated before the birth of his remaining eight children. The first of these was Mary Ann, mentioned above, born 17 Nov 1820, who later married James A. MANSFIELD. The Whitney collective database of the descendants of John and Elinor shows birthdates for the remaining eight children but without indicating the place of birth. Can anyone assist with information about Jonas P. and Rebecca (Piper) Whitney's place of residence after 1819, and/or the absence of the record of the birth of the remaining 8 children?Rebecca's death is recorded in Ashby on 18 Jun 1838, and Jonas P. then marries secondly Louisa Wheeler on 29 Aug 1839 in Leominster, Worcester, MA. (It is gratifying to see that J. P., with a two year old child in the house, waited the proper year before taking his second wife.) Is the problem that they never left Ashby, just that the births of the last eight children were not recorded? Rebecca's death there suggests that possibility. There are no births recorded in Leominster for Jonas P. and Rebecca, nor any that even have the same names and dates, as of the 13 Whitney "births" recorded in Leominster, 12 are taken from dates on grave stones in the Leominster Cemetery. Indeed, Jonas P. is listed as being "of Ashby" in the record of his marriage to Louisa Wheeler. I am puzzled by this inconsistency, and would be most appreciative if light could be shed on the problem. Allan E. Green "Si hoc legere scis niminium eruditionis habes." Barbourville, KY (1) allagreen -at-, (2) agreen -at- "A family tree can wither if nobody tends its roots"

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