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Mailing List Archives > 1999-01-29 06, Re: Transcribing Pierce, by William G. Whitney

From: "W.G. \"Bill\" Whitney" <bwhitney -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] Transcribing Pierce Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 10:12:58 -0700 Good initiative. I will do at least five pages. Tim Doyle wrote: > I believe that undertaking the transcription of Pierce's work would be an > excellent project for this group. This is one of the best organized groups > of researchers for a surname that I have found on the internet. > > I believe that making a scanned version of Pierce available on the net > would have too high a cost (file sizes) and come with too small a benefit > (you can't do a word search on photo files). I also don't believe that > creating a GEDCOM of the data would be beneficial as we'd still have the > problem of wanting to see exactly what wording Pierce used. > > This leaves us with the task of transcribing Pierce, word for word. The > book is 664 pages long, once you omit the index. 664 pages sounds like a > huge task, but if we break that down into units of 5 pages each, we have a > manageable number of 133 sets. Certainly we could round up enough people to > take on transcribing a five page set to make a useful dent in the project. > > I propose that we go foreward with the project. Those that have their own > copy could transcribe the portions that they desire. Those with scanners > can make scanned versions available to others who want to transcribe but > who do not have access to the book. Photocopies could also be made > available if that was found to be easier than scanning. > > In hopes that we do decide to go foreward with this project, I have created > a webpage at <a href=""></a> that demonstrates what I > think is a good starting place for people to 'adopt' a set of pages to > transcribe. If you're interested, take a look and let me know what you think. > > ---------------------------------------------------------------- > Tim Doyle <a href=""></a> > tdoyle -at- <a href=""></a>

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