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From: <Gcote -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] <none> Date: 29 Jan 1999 15:15:56 CST/CDT This was just sent to me by a cousin in Maine who has been extremely helpful to me over the past couple of years. If anyone else is researching Maine lines, maybe this will be of interest. Greg Cote ------------------------ Greg, I was in the Piscataquis Registry of Deeds earlier this week and looked for something on Andrew or Richard Whitney. And found something I hope is pertinent. Vol 8 pg 64 11-3-1842 Warranty Deed From Richard Whitney, for $900, paid by Sarah Whitney, Sebec, a single woman. 50 acres of land between lots of David Sands and Abraham Ireland, James Spearing and Benjamin Spearing, Ezekiel Getchell and George Livermore. Part of Lot 1, 5th Range. Part of same as conveyed to Richard Whitney by Samuel Whitney 11-13-1837. Signed by Richard Whitney and Martha Whitney Vol 8 pg 65 11-3-1842 Warranty Deed From Richard Whitney, for $600, paid by Andrew Whitney, Sebec, yeoman. 50 acres of land in Lot 1, 4th Range, bordered by: westerly, Robert Morrison; northerly, part of Lot 1, 5th Range; easterly, land occupied by Joshua Livermore; southerly, part of Lot 1, 3rd Range. Signed by Richard Whitney >From the Census records, I know that Richard had a daughter Sarah who was age 31 in the 1850 Census, oldest child in the family. Andrew was 26 in 1850 in that Census. That means they would have been pretty young to be transacting properties in 1842 but its possible that Richard had a reason for transferring some of his property to his oldest children. I checked for the transaction between Samuel Whitney and Richard Whitney 11-13-1837 and found that Richard Whitney was shown of Northport in that deed. I later checked the Whitney Genealogy at Bangor Public Library but couldnt find anything on Richard Whitney in Northport. However, I did find some Whitneys, in the same generation with Richard, in the Belmont and Morrill areas. Those places are not far from Northport so its worth considering. I kind of browsed the Whitney site on Internet but didnt make a connection. Perhaps some of the people connected with that site could find something. Its possible the Richard of Gorham traveled up the coast and stopped off in the Penobscot Bay area before coming to Sebec. Or, it could be a different one. If you want more of the details, I could get a copy on my next visit, as I know there will be a next visit.

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