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From: Bud Reel <budr -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Whitney's Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 10:52:14 -0800 My Mother (Winnie Mae Whitney) was born 17 Jan. 1891 or 93 in Deer Park, Washington State, M. Lou Scranton had two Children, Jack C Scranton, B.4 Dec. 1910 second child,Agnes M Scranton, B.29 Sept. 1913 (agnes still alive) Winnie's Father(Cyrus C. Whitney) B. 10 Aug. 1861, thought to be Vermont but maybe Close to London Eng. Cyrus Father( John F. Whitney)B. 1834 Thought to be Maine but again maybe England. Cyrus Married Emma Francis Bedlow, B. 29 July 1859 Scranton Penn. Winnie divorced Scranton and Married Charles L. Reel B. 3 May 1890 date of marriage unknown. Had 10 Children.All alive but two today. Please contact Lenard S. Reel budr -at-

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