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From: <Hogle1 -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Updated posting on our Whitney line Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1999 13:56:30 EDT WRG It has been quite some time since we, Bob Schadewald or I, have posted our Whitney line, and I am hoping that someone might have some information to help us tie up some of the loose ends. I will not post the vital stats for the first few generations that are covered in Pierce and elsewhere in the Whitney pages and that are fairly well proven. Nor will I post vitals on the last few generations. I do have verification/sources for some of the information but some have been lost. Thanks, Jo Hogle 1) John & Elinor Whitney 2) John Whitney & Ruth Reynolds 3) John Whitney & Elizabeth Harris ( Death date? Parentage?) 4) Daniel Whitney (Death date?) & Susannah Curtis ( Birth and death dates? Parentage?) 5) Elijah Whitney ( Death date?) & Hannah [Coffin??] ( Birth and death dates? Certainty of last name? Parentage?) (now the information in Pierce is non-existent except for John's birth and wife's name unless it is in pages as yet not transcribed, but I don't believe so) 6) John Whitney b. Nov, 29, 1749, Roxbury, MA ; d. Nov 3, 1834, Warwick, MA m. April 22, 1773 in Roxbury, MA Mary Payson b. Oct 16, 1744 (location?)  ; d. Aug 11, 1816 in Warwick, MA. (Parentage??) 7) John Whitney, Jr b. April 8, 1783; d. July 3, 1839 (locations?) m. Dec 2, 1819 (location?) Abigail Foster b. dec 2, 1819; (Death date? Parents poss Abraham Foster and Sarah Willard?) (locations?) 8) Henry Payson Whitney b. Sept 5, 1820 (location?); d. Oct 10, 1896, Osseo, MN m. (date of marriage and location?) Margaret Hall Bohanon May 21, 1824 (location?); d. Oct 25, 1915, Osseo, MN 9) Julia Ardelle Whitney m. Rudolph Setzler 10) Celia Agnes Setzler m. Henry Harrison Hastings 11) Julia Hastings m. Kenneth Englund Doris Hastings m. Walter Schadewald 12) Joanne Englund (Hogle) Robert Schadewald

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