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From: "Tracy, Sandra (FIDI)" <Sandra.Tracy -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Ruth Ruggles Whitney Date: Mon, 07 Jun 1999 09:43:30 +0200 I forgot to mention that also Ruth remarried in 1849 to Thomas Greenleaf WATTS b. Dec 22 1804 Jonesboro ME, d. Dec 10, 1888 Whitneyville, ME. I need more info on this Whitney, parents, brothers and sisters etc. I have some of the offspring etc. Chandler Robbins DRISKO b. May 5, 1799 Columbia, Wash. Co., ME d. June 3, 1845 Jonesboro, Wash. Co., ME m. June 5, 1823 Ruth Ruggles WHITNEY b. April 11, 1805, Jonesboro, ME, d. Sept 25 1888 Whitneyville, ME. Had following children George West N. DRISKO b Oct 10 1824 Eri Hathaway DRISKO b. Mar 8 1827 Joseph Whitney DRISKO b. Oct 11 1829 Sarah Dyer DRISKO b. Apr 2 1832 Martha W. DRISKO b. Nov 2, 1834 Jerusha Corthell DRISKO b. Jul 16, 1840 Catherine S. DRISKO b. June 21 1842 I have a bit more info on them like death dates and marriages etc., not all but some. Anyone have connections? Thanks Sandra

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