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From: "R. A. Durham" <rdurham -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] Canadian Whitney's (Oliver) Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 16:12:49 I'm here, too!.....Bob At 04:56 PM 7/24/99 EDT, GJones3747 -at- wrote: >Hi Jo & Arlene > > Arlene, I just read your note to Jo and in checking my information, I find >that the Ebenezer Whitney b. 1802 in NB, is the son of Moses Whitney b. 1772 >NB & Esther Sherwood. Moses is the son of Ebenezer Whitney b. Abt 1745/47 & >Huldah Mooers. > >A group of us have been working on this family line for quite some time. We >cannot find proof of Ebenezer's birth or parents. > >I have a lot of info on the family lines and would be happy to share. I would >love to have more on your line. > >We have been trying to get this info ready to put on the Whitney homepage. So >far we are listed under unconnected from Canada. > >Hope this help. >Mary Ellen Jones >GJones3747 -at- > > >

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