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From: Gregory Buliavac <zorrosmom -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] More Sophia's Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 11:42:24 +0100 Through the Whitneygen website and the LDS I have come up with several possibilities for my Sophia--if anyone has information that would help me eliminate any of these and narrow my search I would be grateful. I am looking for a Sophia b. 1791 d. 1870 m. Jesse Flemings 1817 Tewksbury, MA. Here are my possibles: Sophia Whitney b. 20 Nov 1789 Bolton, Worcester, MA; d. of Elijah Whitney and Sarah Stearns Sophia Whitney b. 1795 Gorham, Cumberland, ME; d. of Isaac Whitney and Mary Crockett Sophia Whitney b. 20 Jan 1795 Fitzwilliam Twp, Cheshire, NH; d. of John Whitney & Mary (Polly) Jones Sophia Whitney b. 18 Feb. 1796 Lanesborough, Berkshire, MA; d of Timothy Whitney & Lois Baker Sophia Whitney b. 27 Feb. 1796 Sheffield, Berkshire, MA; d. of Timothy Whitney & Sarah Chipman Sophia Whitney b. 13 Dec. 1796 Montague, MA d. of Ebenezer Whitney & Rachel Perne Rawson Sophia Whitney b. 25 Dec 1799 Marlborough, Middlesex, MA; d. of Timothy Whitney & Phebe Reed If you can eliminate someone from this list I sure would appreciate it! Alison

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