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From: <Babseeb -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Mary Whitney Locke in Progressive men of Iowa Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 21:37:33 EDT P. 147 (shortened for brievity) Henry Walcott Cole, also a musician, was born July 7, 1820, in Sherburne, Chenango county, N. Y. In 1850 Henry W. Cole came to Ohio, settling at Iberia, Morrow county, where he owned a large warehouse, and for several years taught theoretical and instrumental music in Iberia college. He located on a farm in Oakland county, Mich., in 1863, where he died April 6, 1872. He was a man of high culture, and contributed extensively to the county and state press, and was a vigorous opponent of slavery. In 1850 he married Mary Charlotte Osgood Gleason, who was born September 26, 1826, in Georgetown, Madison county, N. Y. She was a daughter of Rossetter Gleason, a teacher and one of the early prominent educators of Madison county. He was an able mathematician, and served for many years as county surveyor. Her mother, MARY WHITNEY LOCKE was a direct descendant of John Locke, the English philosopher, and two sisters of her mother's father married Gen. Israel Putnam and Eli Whitney, inventor of the cotton gin.

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