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From: <ALLAGREEN -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Fwd: Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter - Special Edition Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1999 02:04:57 EST --part1_0.18676268.25513899_boundary Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii" Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Dear WRG: I think you all should look at this, and think about what it means for all of us. My first thought, and I may be off base with this, is that this will be a very useful source, but it HAS to cost us for these people to make the profits that they inevitably are expecting. We'll need to address our own philosophies about information sharing, free access, fair use, and other related aspects of the way in which communication relationships will change due to this approach. I'll be happy to discuss this further, but feel I need further information before I can really comment intelligently. Allan E. Green --part1_0.18676268.25513899_boundary Content-Type: message/rfc822 Content-Disposition: inline Return-Path: <rootscomputing-return-10-16735031 -at-> Received: from ( []) by (v62.15) with ESMTP; Tue, 02 Nov 1999 11:52:08 -0500 Received: from ( []) by (v62.10) with ESMTP; Tue, 02 Nov 1999 11:52:01 -0500 Received: (qmail 1212 invoked by uid 108); 2 Nov 1999 16:52:02 -0000 Date: 2 Nov 1999 16:52:02 -0000 Message-ID: <941561522.29776.qmail -at- ech> To: List Member <ALLAGREEN -at- AOL.COM> Mailing-List: ListBot mailing list contact rootscomputing-help -at- From: "Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter" <newsletter -at-> Delivered-To: mailing list rootscomputing -at- Subject: Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter - Special Edition Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter - Special Edition The following is a "news flash" that I thought would be of interest to many readers of the newsletter. I decided to send this out today rather than wait for the next regular edition of the newsletter. Broderbund is best known for Family Tree Maker, the most popular genealogy program in the world. They also produce more genealogy CD-ROM disks than any other company plus they have a popular Web site at GenealogyLibrary. com. Broderbund has been acquiring other companies, and then The Learning Company acquired them. A few weeks later, Mattel acquired The Learning Company. Now the Broderbund division is being spun off into a new company with major new funding from other companies as well. Notice the company names: A&E Networks (owners of The History Channel) along with Hearst Interactive Media and even NBC. This new partnership obviously will become a powerhouse in the genealogy business. I am enclosing the press release. I hope to write more about this in the next regularly scheduled newsletter. - Dick Eastman ============================================================ A&E Television Networks, Hearst Interactive Media, Mattel, and Top Private Equity Firms Form, LLC Proven Technology Leader in Genealogy Secures Nearly $38 Million in Funding With Backing From Major Media Corporations FREMONT, Calif., Nov. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- A&E Television Networks, Hearst Interactive Media, Mattel, Inc. (NYSE: MAT), Thomas H. Lee Partners and Weston Presidio Capital today announced a joint partnership to back a newly formed company called, LLC. Formerly the Broderbund genealogy unit of Mattel, received $37.5 million in initial funding and expects to extend its position and expand the genealogy technology business through a more aggressive online presence and by continuing its leadership in the retail software category. "Genealogy is one of the leading subjects on the Internet -- in August, 1999, there were more than two million unique unduplicated visitors to genealogy web sites(i). With the financial and organizational backing of our new partners, we will not only continue to be a leader in the existing genealogy business, but we'll have the ability to substantially expand this rapidly- growing segment by reaching millions of consumers with an interest in their heritage and giving them the online tools to explore their personal history," said Rob Armstrong, Chief Executive Officer of "To achieve this goal, we will utilize our strong history of more than 10 years of leadership in the genealogy technology space with Family Tree Maker software, Family Archive CDs,, and" is already a powerhouse in the genealogy arena with three established business units (software, online resources, CD- ROMs). The Company's evolution to an Internet-focused company will be expedited by its ability to leverage established and profitable software and data CD-ROM products. For example, the Company's subscription-based site encompassing genealogy research materials and databases,, is set to become the premier online genealogy research site with the addition of information from the Company's Family Archive CD collection, ranging from passenger and immigration lists to census records and more. Already this year, the organization has won numerous industry awards, including the Software Information Industry Association's 1999 "Codie Award" for Best Internet Commerce Site, and Top 100 Website and Editor's Choice awards from PC Magazine. The Company's flagship retail software program, the number-one-selling Family Tree Maker, has sold well over two million copies to date. This installed base combines with hundreds of thousands of additional genealogy enthusiasts to form a thriving online community of people -- more than one million unique unduplicated users visit's genealogy web sites every month(ii), spending hours searching for data and exchanging information and advice with each other. "The organization has long been a leader in its category," said Nickolas Davatzes, President & CEO, A&E Television Networks. "We believe that there is a huge potential market of people with an interest in family history, as evidenced by the popularity of our Biography series on A&E Networks, and the success of The History Channel. This strong new partnership will provide opportunities to capitalize on the growing genealogy technology marketplace through the power of television, at the same time enabling to invest in further enhancing its core competencies through the power of the Internet." The partners will contribute expertise in their respective categories to benefit A&E Television Networks' investment will provide significant on-air promotion to educate its viewers on the enefits of using the Internet to explore family heritage. Mattel is offering its expertise in online and software technology through the Broderbund division, which is a leader in family-oriented software. This is part of a broader strategy by which Mattel is utilizing its software assets to become a major online participant. A&E Television Networks, a joint venture of The Hearst Corporation, ABC, Inc. and NBC, is an award-winning, international media company offering consumers a diverse communications environment ranging from television programming, magazine publishing, web sites, music, to home videos, as well as supporting nationwide educational initiatives. Television programming consists of four networks in the United States: A&E Network, The History Channel, The Biography Channel, and History Channel International. Internationally, A&E Television Networks is involved in a series of networks in 60 countries. The A&E Web site is located at; BIOGRAPHY at; and The History Channel at The additional partners are backing with financial investments. Hearst Interactive Media, a unit of The Hearst Corporation, manages a wide variety of consumer and business- related Internet sites and has made core investments in Internet- related companies including,, and Other strategic equity investments include E Ink Corporation, Exodus Communications, Medscape, Quokka Sports, StarMedia Network, Talk City, and Tavolo (formerly Digital Chef). Thomas H. Lee Partners, with more than $6 billion of capital under management, offers its highly regarded experience in building market-leading brands such as Snapple, Rayovac, Experian, and The Learning Company. Weston Presidio Capital, with $900 million under management, brings its experience in building traditional retail and Internet companies including Restoration Hardware, Medscape, Tavolo, Vitria Technology, and MapQuest., formerly the Broderbund genealogy unit of Mattel, is based in Fremont, California and has 90 employees. A decade- long leader in the genealogy technology space,'s family history information and resources are available on the corporate Web site at, with subscription services available at All of its award- winning products and services are offered online and through direct sales; its software programs are also distributed at retail by the Broderbund Software Unit of Mattel. NOTE: All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. (i) Source: Media Metrix, New York, NY, August 1999 (ii) Source: Media Metrix, New York, NY, August 1999 SOURCE, LLC ______________________________________________________________________ To unsubscribe, write to rootscomputing-unsubscribe -at- --part1_0.18676268.25513899_boundary--

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