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From: Chuck & Betty Weatherly <weatherlyprint -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] My Whitney lineage Date: Fri, 05 Nov 1999 12:03:40 -0800 To Robert Ward, I don't have much verification on my line, but this is what I found on the LDS computer. From John & Elinor down through Ebenezer Whitney Jr and Anna Squires with a son Edward. My g-grandfather was Edward Leroy Whitney and his marriage license states that his parents were Ebenezer and Anna Whitney and he was born in Pa. 1. John and Elinor 2. Jonathan Whitney m. Lydia Jones 3. Joseph Whitney m. Rebecca Burge 4. Ephraim Whitney m. Rhoda 5. Ebenezer Whitney m. Sally Pratt 6. Ebenezer Whitney Jr. m. Anna Squires 7. Edward Leroy Whitney m. Nancy Evelyn Clarke 8. Cora Belle Whitney m. Louetta Carl Severance Chester Robert Severance m. Ruby Lora Beck Betty Roberta Severance m.Charles Alford Weatherly Sincerely, Betty Weatherly

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