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From: <KTrouvat -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Lineage-Jabez Whitney Date: Tue, 9 Nov 1999 03:49:40 EST Hi Group, Here's mine... And, thanks again to those who do so much to make our group special. Jabez WHITNEY, b. 1780, ME, m. Abigail Milk WHEELER Lydia WHITNEY, b. 8 Aug 1806, ME m. Philander CASTLE William Henry CASTLE, b. 1803 m. Mary Elizabeth ADAMS Mabel Harriet CASTLE, b. 1876 m. Elmer HUDSON Mildred H. HUDSON, b. 1904 m. Johann H. HEINECKE Vivian J. HEINECKE, b. 1923 m. Jack G. JOHNSON Karen Jean JOHNSON m. Pierre C. TROUVAT Regards, Karen Trouvat

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